Emotion Wave is all about showcasing an array of sounds which span across the broad spectrum of electronic music. Whether it be gems from afar or sounds from emerging local producers, it’s their highly-tuned ear for left-field electronic music that you’ll grow to love.

Be sure to listen in to find out about the latest projects they are involved in, whether it may be live events, releases or other non-music based projects. Join their group below for all the latest, plus opportunities to get involved.

Jump onboard with Emotion Wave residents for a dreamy hour of the finest electronica. This month, Andrew and Sean bring an eclectic mix of records, ranging from classic Autechre to brand new Pixx.




Pixx – Andean Condor
Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn (33rpm)
Her Majesty’s Coroner For Wirral – She Lit Up The Room
Robyn & Royoksopp – Monument
Clark – Slap Drones
Anodyne – Rebuild
Whoever Fights Monsters – Yamabiko
Plaid – Polymer
Meat Beat Manifesto – Present For Sally
SDEM – 6448
Simian Mobile Disco – Calyx
Autechre – are y are we?
Natural Snow Buildings – Depths
Polygon Window – Polygon Window

Emotion Wave

showcasing sounds spanning across the spectrum of electronic music

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