Factotum (December ’17)

Chris Shennan


FactotumFactotum; a literal translation of the Latin words facere (“to do”) and totum (“everything”). To do everything…? That’s a pretty tall order!

However, this word can provide an accurate description of this radio show. Hoping to push a wide range of music projects and ideas is Liverpool DJ and producer Chris Shennan. The monthly show will include producer and label focuses as well as guest mixes and giveaways with an anything goes attitude for the future.

This month, Chris runs through his favourite records from the year in what will be his 8th show on Melodic Distraction Radio. Since joining us on MDR, Chris has become a regular contributor to the station. His motivation and drive has really captured our imaginations.

Towards the end of 2017 Chris has begun playing at more and more parties, whilst quickly building a name for himself. You can catch him in the New Year performing at Mouvement’s next party, alongside 80’s Child and JDisco at Constellations. We look forward to having him back in the January after one too many mince pies…



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