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Forts & Friends (November ’20)

Wild Forts & Monir

Forts & Friends will be showcasing guest artists from local and afar with Wild Forts joining every so often for a B2b Live set with them when they’re mixing.
Featuring original music using purely analogue synths, drum machines and samplers, the sounds of Michael Wild are sure to deliver something a little different through your speakers. Expect to hear original music flowing between downtempo, left-field electronic and techno.
This month Wild Forts is joined by Monir. Monir’s music occupies a middle ground between various different bass music genres including techno, garage, dubstep and grime that has been known as “130bpm”.
Growing up in a small town on the outskirts of Manchester, he brings a dark, swung, early dubstep influence to his beats that have been supported by Keysound, LCY, J-Kenzo, Swamp81 and Eich. 2020 has seen his first releases on labels like More Cowbell and Skiptrace, and this is just the beginning..

Silene – Down Source
Akkord – Typeface
Kori – Footslog
Akkord – Continuum
Hedchef – Knitting Atoms
Akito – Unacquainted
Farsight- Hot Half
Monir – Overpass (ASHI remix)
Monir – Troika Shuffle
PAS1 – Labyrinth
Monir – Clandestine
Le Motel – Durban
Delay Grounds – Coruscant
Eyeza – Turbo Negative
Plura and Hartta – Flashlight
Hagan – Waves
??? – Recognise
Monir – Step Across
Skream and Benga – The Judgement
Jubley – Watch Yourself
Alex R – Envy
Instinct – Inside
Hartta – If You
Pugilist – Deep Blue

Forts & Friends

Original electronic music using purely hardware

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