Henge (December ’18)

Guest Show


Attention Earth!!!

This is Henge.

We come in the name of rave.

We bring you the gift of Cosmic Dross – a kind of music new to your world.

We have news.  Planet Earth is an experiment.

Your species was send codes from space, to help you love and dance.

But your leaders grew scared.  They hid the codes from you. Now your consciousness shrinks and they destroy your world with weapons of war.

Ravelings of Earth, Rebel!
Absorb the mutated frequencies of Cosmic Dross.
There are no Earth words to describe these sounds, but you will learn how to love and dance again.

This is your future, put down the weapons.
Unite, and colonise space.


Objeckt – Agnes Revenge (excerpt)
Henge – Mushroom One
Paddy Steer – Empathy Bypass Module Fitted
Dimlite – Kalimba Deathswamp Kurt Feelings
Henge – Humans
Felix Kubin – Hotel Supernova
Henge – Monolith
Syclopse – Mom, the Video Broke
Henge – Jupiter’s Wild Ride
Brian Eno – An Ending (Excerpt)
Henge – The Great Venusian Apocalypse
Monster Zoku Onsomb! – Children of the Atom
Henge – In Praise of Water
Otto Von Schirach – Bass Galactica 8
Henge – Demilitarise



Cosmic Dross and intergalactic funk

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