Huma (March ’18)

Tom Lye & Dawn Again


Tune in as the Huma crew lock it down for 2 hours, playing a diverse selection of brand new music, from hip hop and dub through to energetic disco and latin house. 

Having been joined by anu and Jayda G at parties over the past three months, this collective bring energy and a positive vibe from the party to their radio show. Huma is a solid crew of music heads motivated by good music and good company; take a minute to turn away from the DJ booth and dance with your mates.

This month sees Tom Lye take over for the first hour with loads of brand new and forthcoming dancefloor cuts whilst the second hour consists of a special guest mix from Dawn Again. The Melbourne based DJ and producer has been carving his own sound with recent releases on El Diablo’s Social Club, Rothman’s and Wonder Stories.



Ilija Rudman – Certain Things (Forthcoming Imogen Recordings)
Aisha Devi – Dislocation of the Alpha (Forthcoming Houndstooth)
Dubtractor – Stay Home
Lil Jabba – WouND (Forthcoming Local Action)
Medlar – Tripped (Forthcoming Delusions of Grandeur)
Pletnev – Daywalker (Eva Geist & Mehmet Aslan Remix) (Forthcoming Fleeting Wax)
Forriner – Condor (Forthcoming Forriner Music)
Hi & Saberhagen – Light On Leaves (Forthcoming Intergraded)
Trypheme – Melo-Dramatique (Central Processing Unit)
Breach – Culture (NKDLTD)
Oni-Ki – Wasserwelt (Forthcoming Garage Hermitique)
Look Like – Dreamwaterz (Forthcoming Akoya Circles)
Aleqs Notal – Sweet Rotation (Forthcoming RDV)

Dawn Again Guest Mix
HVL – Across The Sun
Gnork – No Gravity
Modest D – Modest Affair
Florist presents V Rosso – Down & Out
Mall Grab – Caught Slippin’
Grant – My Definition
Nebraska – Soho Grand
STP feat Kevin Yost – American In Paris
HVL – Timesea
Anomaly – Above Below

DJ Bone – R.I.P. feat. Aaron Carl (Forthcoming Subject Detroit)

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