Inflect Records (March ’20)

Empathy Slow & DaVak


Inflect is a record label based in Liverpool, launching on the 6th December with a very special launch event in the city.

The style of music they intend to deliver is the disco of the UK, with a deeper and modernised feel of techno from central Europe and musical influences from Eastern Europe intertwined in the productions. Storming Merseyside with varied rhythms, choppy guitar riffs and groovy disco elements, their selections will make you move in a way you never knew you could.

The launch party hosted Berlin-based Franz Scala, Slow Motion Records/Italian dance wave owner, for the first time in the North. Aside from producing on his own imprint, he has releases on World Unknown, Tusk Wax and Bordello a Parigi, with his side project Studio Luce on Cocktail d´Amore Music.

Davak returns from Amsterdam to keep comrade Empathy Slow company! Tune in for an hour of deep, dark and chuggy numbers.


Malcom – Soviet Acid Remix
Daniel Monaco – Olympics
Autarkic – Beautiful Picture (Lol)
Awesome Orientalist – Ich Mag Etinic
Young Tronic, Luska – Found Again. (Mufti Remix)
Pletnev – Black Market Weekdays
Recall – Iv Contrast (Facets Edit)
Aircraft – Reel (Rigopolar Remix)
Stereocalypse – Domino
Auren – We Dance To Trance
Siliciodisco – Rattle And Hum

Inflect Records

Exciting sounds from an emerging force.

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