Jacaranda Records (June ’18)

Ali Bongo & Alice PB


The Jacaranda is an institution around these parts, and we’re delighted to have their record store host a brand new regular show on Melodic Distraction. Since July 2015, Jacaranda Records has occupied the snug surroundings of the The Jacaranda’s first floor, with a cafe/bar and listening booths available for you to while away the hours digging through the wax. 

Based around the tastes and expertise of the Jacaranda Records staff, host Alex Sweeney AKA Ali Bongo provides a run-down of our favourite new releases, in-store top-sellers, and underground club hits. Ali takes over the Jacaranda basement every Tuesday running through hip-hop, soul and funk and brings 20 years of experience to the show. Rotating guests will include Jacaranda’s Namina, Alex C and Pete G, as well as regular customers showcasing their own new favourites or golden oldies from their collections. Over the next few months you’ll get a taste of what is moving through Jacaranda Records, and the best thing is you can pick most of them up in store!

For this show, Ali Bongo brings back his vinyl digs from Bali and chats with Alice PB, self-proclaimed Nirvana ‘superfan’.



Ali Bongo;
Jacaranda Ja Show – Sudarat Boonchu
Sornchai Mekvichian – Jum Eye Pai Bor Nang
Kid Doo Hai Dee – Sangsuree Rungrod
Sroung Santi – Noom Nong Kai
Fela Kuti – Water Got No Enemy
Funk Ferret – Mofongo Boogaloo Descarga
Thomas Fontana – Warm Memory
Full Crate – Falling Off
Mike Gao – Just Do You
Vic Mensa – Down on My Luck (esta. remix ft. Jarreau Vandal, Mr. Carmack, Sam Gellaitry)
Ekali & Dorian Concept – Steps
Kari Faux – Supplier
Special Guest, Alice Palmer-Brown;
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Nirvana – Dumb
Nirvana – Aneurysm
Nirvana – Downer
Nirvana – Rape Me
Nirvana – Drain You
Ali Bongo;
Quadron – LFT
Michael Jackson & J Dilla – Never Say Goodbye (DIZZ Mix)
Knxwledge – Letuleave
J-Live – How Much is Water
Towkio – Heaven Only Knows (Feat. Chance The Rapper, Lido, Eryn Allen Kane)
Redinho – Stay Together
HAAN808 feat. Abjo – Over

Jacaranda Records

Legendary Liverpool record shop showcase their wares.

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