KERF Sim City Special (June ’19)



Pale Master founder JC delivers a monthly live hour of nutrient rich sound ecology built from terra-firma recordings and direct internet biomass.

Founded by JC in 2017, the label dissects the communication and control systems shared by the organic and the mechanical. It aims to showcase underground electronic acts that push the boundaries in terms of both experimentation and hardware use. 

This month, JC take a trip down the etymology rabbit hole that surrounds the soundtrack to the videogames “Sims” and “Sim City”.




James Farraro – Sim
Jerry Martin – Hanger Backdrop (from SimCopter)
Yellow Jackets with Marc Russo – Revelation
In C – Terry Riley
Jerry Martin, Marc Russo and John R Burr – If You Really See the Eurydice (from The Sims)
Interiors – Hot Beach (Windham Hill Records)
Liz Story – Devotion (Windham Hill Records)
Jerry Martin – Techno 1 (from Simcopter)
Manuel Göttsching – E2 – E4
John Cobbett – Gofuork! Gofuork (from The Urbz)
Jerry Martin – The Howling Wind (from Simcity 3000)
Raft of Trash – Zoning VI
Jerry Martin – Sim Broadway (from Simcity 3000)


exploring the interactions between real and virtual music.

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