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Label of Love (June ’20)

Grace George

Brought to you by Grace George, of London record shop The BBE Store & one half of DJ duo RAW SILK , Label of Love is a new series that tells short histories of music labels & their legacies. 

As Label of Love is an internet-based research project, Label of Love does what it can to reference properly but cannot always get the full story. If you have stories to tell about the labels we are researching, or would like to recommend for researching, please share with us. Follow @labeloflove__ & the bi-weekly articles on Melodic Distraction for the full write-ups on these labels.

This month, Grace features beautiful sounds from labels based in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan, including Chi-Ching Records, Eating Music & Modern Sky.



Lao Dan – 悬空定身/Hovering in the Air (Modern Sky, 2018)
Mong Tong – Mosik Naa (Self-Released, 2019)
我是機車少女 i’mdifficult – Power (Self-released, 2019)
Sdewdent & Voision Xi – Sandclock (Eating Music, 2020)
Linion – Water Roof (ChiChing Records, 2020)
Jonny Kosmo 強尼小宇宙 – Lazy Susan 懶惰的蘇珊 (Chiching Records, 2019)
超级市场 = Supermarket – 标本 (1998, Modern Sky)
黑名單工作室 = Blacklist Studio – Papa’s Words (1989, reissued on Rock Records and Tapes 2019)
Fishdoll – 宇漫 (Yu Man) (Eating Music, 2020)
王菲 = Faye Wong – 知己知彼 (Cinepoly, 1994)
超级市场 = Supermarket – S9 (1999)
Yu Su – Every Star Has Its Own Story (Eating Music, 2020)
黑名單工作室 = Blacklist Studio – Taipei Empire (1989)
Major – Cold Wind (Eating Music, 2019)

Label Of Love

Short histories of music labels, researched with love.

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