Liquid Lucy (February ’19)

Lloyd Greenall


Lloyd Greenall’s Liquid Lucy show takes you on another midnight trawl through dreamy ambience, syncopated breaks down to 4AM Techno…with a dash of Acid and Electro for good measure.


Perko – Polly

MSRG – Caspia Dwellers
E.R.P – Noetic

ERP – Lament Subrosa
Rings Around Saturn – Apocalypse Lite
YVES MARIE, Pierre – Celeste
Im Keller – Im Keller
Norwell – Saturn V (feat. Angela Santa)
Cardopusher – Regress To Nowhere
Pascal Hetzel – Reformation
Transllusion ‎- Do You Want To Get Down?
Todd Osborn – Not Too Real
jAcid – Overtime
Lipelis – Bordeaux Lovin
Eleven Pond – Watching Trees

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