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MaschinenFunk (August ’20)

Mr.Paul & Moritz

In MaschinenFunk, MrPaul and Moritz bring their distinctive music palette to the fore with a new party and radio show.

Born from a desire to host parties and guests on the margins of the music scene in Liverpool, MaschinenFunk bring a much needed new sound to the club scene. With a deep, atmospheric base, Maschinenfunk have crafted a sound of rhythm and percussion.

Holding down residencies at the Tap Room, and being invited to festivals across the country, the folks are making moves and shaking hips all over.

This month, the boys are back to together and in the studio for the first time following the world going into global lockdown! 2 hours of deeper dance music incoming.



Theo Muller – Utopia 2
Priorat – Transgenic (Marc Pinol Remix)
Benedikt Frey – New Now
Bask – Its Was A Dream
Ackerman – Calypso Take Away 20
Wraetlic – The Lost (V Remix)
Fabio Me Llamen Soltero – Morena, Moreno (TYU Remix)
DJ T – Bedouin (Balam Remix)
Daniel Monaco & Ma Spaventi – Cavallerizzi
Prayer – To The Failed (Cooper Saver Remix)
Monica – Suburban Adventures
Auterik – A Curve Ball That Doesnt Quite Land
Daniel Monaco – Simple State – Sauvage World Coney Island_Mix
Velmondo – Infinity (Marvin & Guy Remix)
Cyence – Stay All Day
Favio Inker – A Lo Simple (Original Mix)
Cosmo Vitelli – Fish Liquor
Matthew Delay – Heimreise
Guido Cusani – Phonogene
Unloved – Why Not (Hardway Bros Dubstramental Remix)
DJ Nori – Happy Sunday (Maurice Fulton Remix)
Mr G – In Gratitude (New Mix Moon)
DJ Tennis – Intercooler
Shun – I’ll Never Reach Your Level (Younger Than Me Remix)


A Lawyer & A Chef walk into a studio

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