MaschinenFunk (March ’19)



MaschinenFunk MrPaul and Moritz bring their distinctive music palette to the fore with a new party and radio show.

Born from a desire to host parties and guests on the margins of the music scene in Liverpool, MaschinenFunk bring a much needed new sound to the club scene. With a deep, atmospheric base, Maschinenfunk have crafted a sound of rhythm and percussion.

Holding down residencies at the Tap Room, and being invited to festivals across the country, the folks are making moves and shaking hips all over.

On this month’s show, Moritz goes solo with some funky beats and chunky tunes.



Lorenzo Dada – Love Apparel (Axel Boman Remix)
HAAi – Drumting
Avanti – Porn Wax Four
Simple Symmetry – Yalla
Chamboche – Gwyllt
Fabrizio Mammarella – Le Pede BPM
Daniel Kyo – Inorganic Beings
Unknown (White Label)
Kiwi – Tifock
Moo Monster – Wipe The Trance
Ruf Dog – MV Look
MR TC – Gay Haze (Khidja Remix)
Nandu – Simple Chaos DUB
The Kosmik Kommando – Down on Marne Svenue
Jimi Jules – Moon
Fort Romeau – Visions
JMII – Synthesizer
The Golden Filter – Restraint
Planet Funk – All On Me (Marvin & Guy Remix)
Jennifer Touch – Chemistry (Llewellyn’s Retouch)
New Jackson – By Its Own Light (Mano Le Tough Remix)
Planningtorock – Let’s Talk About Gender Baby


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