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MDR Breakfast Club (25th June ’20)

Tom Lye & James Binary


Melodic Distraction welcomes our morning broadcast during our time of quarantine.

If you’re working from home, chilling at home, or generally just staying at home, our Breakfast Club is here to share a brew with you. Hosted by a rotation of some of the station’s family and friends, 10am-12midday every weekday, our airwaves are full of excellent tunes, local music and questionable patter.

Nestled right after our daily morning show 9-10am, Wake Up with Melodic Distraction, and before Elliot Fergusons’s Red Brick Picnic lunch hour, 12midday – 1pm, we’re filling our now-solitary morning hours with radio family. Chat room crew, assemble!

Our troublesome twosome return with another eclectic array of tunes and the chit-chat to match!



Helen Ripley-Marshall – Under The Sun
Leif – Rosa
GILA – Throw This Away
Oscar Cash – Synth Bass (Sex Emoji)
Fools – Thanks
Arp – Parallelism
Actress & London Contemporary Orchestra – N.E.W.
Forest Swords – If Your Girl
Two Lone Swordsmen – Stack Up
De Ambassade – Wat Voel Je Nou
Special Occasion – Let Me In
The Cardigans – Erase & Rewind
Begin – Day Pulse
Sign Libra – Teleopsis Dalmanni
Kate NV – Tea (Full Cup Version)
Contours – Keld feat. Abel Selaocoe & Callum Connell
Barker – Utility
DJ RISH – 9-2-5
Nu Guinea – Phunkhyteria
Dazion – Eberhardt Smurkface
Sensible Soccers – Luziamar
Acopia – For You I Try
Twin Galaxies – Side Door Cinema
Breaka – Liquid Gold
M&H Band – Pop Corn (Remix Version 87’ Special DJ)
The Other People Place – Sunrays
Unknown Mobile – Peewee
Peter Gordon & Factory Floor – Side C

MDR’s Breakfast Club

Chat room crew, assemble!

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