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MDR’s Breakfast Club (28th July ’20)

Aiden & Griff


Melodic Distraction welcomes our morning broadcast during our time of quarantine.

If you’re working from home, chilling at home, or generally just staying at home, our Breakfast Club is here to share a brew with you. Hosted by a rotation of some of the station’s family and friends, 10am-12midday every weekday, our airwaves are full of excellent tunes, local music and questionable patter.

Nestled right after our daily morning show 9-10am, Wake Up with Melodic Distraction, and before Elliot Fergusons’s Red Brick Picnic lunch hour, 12midday – 1pm, we’re filling our now-solitary morning hours with radio family. Chat room crew, assemble!

Aiden & Griff return to the airwaves with a party bag of tunes, be it hip-hop, soul or even a bit of late morning house. Enjoy!




Kate NV – Marafon 15
Thiago Nassif – Pele Leopardo
Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Lovesick (Four Tet Remix)
The Alan Parsons Project – I Robot
Christian Kleine – Like The Clouds, Like The Sky
Magnum Force – Rare Grooves
Aurra – Like I Like It (Dub Remix Version)
Izit – Stories (I’ve A Novella Mix)
Robert Upchurch – The Devil Made Me Do It
Shannon – Let The Music Play (Dub Version)
Aurra – Hooked On You
Bread – Make It With You
Marvin Gaye – Sanctified Lady (Extended Version)
Matthieu Faubourg – Infinity
Connie hyland – Girl Dream
Soularis – Fire (Original Mix)
Dirtytwo – Back In The Day
Pauline Taylor – Constantly Waiting (Rhythm Masters Remix)
DJ Ferry & Eric Nouhan – Summer Breeze (Cabriolet Ride)
Screamin’ Rachel – Love You Tonight (Remix)
Anquette – My Baby Mama
Donna Summer – Sunset People
Dominguez Chavez – Spanish Talk
A.T.G.O.C. – Repeated Love (Rollercoaster’s Pumped Up Mix)

MDR’s Breakfast Club

Chat room crew, assemble!

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