MO (March ’19)



A local lad without the local accent. Our good friend MO returns to the motherland for a 2 hour guest show. A self-professed ‘general radio guy’ with regular shows on REPREZENT and Flaix FM, MO also lurks behind the scenes at the Beeb and provides funny anecdotes in between Channel 4 shows.

Playing a smörgåsbord of things across the 160 spectrum, expect slices of footwork and jungle with maybe a light relish of arabic music and hip-hop.


RP Boo – Baby Come On
RP Boo – Your Choice
RP Boo – Deep Sole
Teep – Rolez
Teddman – Prove My Love
DJ Jonco – Burning My Soul
Haigorei – Jap
BSN Posse – Nevah Stop Doin’ What You Do
Jack Sparrow – Good Old Days (Yazzus Nostalgic Remix)
ID – Love Feels Weird
Wax Doctor – Atmospheric Jungle
James Blake – Where’s The Catch? (Feat. Andre 3000)
James Blake – Bearfoot In The Park (Ft. Rosalia) (Ria Ekin Remix)
Gucci Mane – Peepin Out The Blinds
Estasi Assoluto X Benjvmin – Timeline
Travis Scott – Can’t Say
Phaction – Aviatrix (Ft. Riya)
Tim Hecker – That World
Tim Hecker – A Sodium Codec Haze
Ana Roxanne – In A Small Valley
Aya Metwalli – Beitak
Shrimpnose & K.Raydio – Fall Away (Feat. Bobby Raps & Daedelus)
Om Unit X Kid Drama – Untitled 1
Coco Bryce – Trust Issues
Photek – T-Raenon
Eric K.J. & Thimo U.S. – Let The Good Times Roll
Wst X Prabitt – I Know U Bae Vip
Summer Walker – Deep
Travis Scott – Rip Screw
Regal86 – Riviera
DJ Cria – Who’s Right Who’s Wrong Bootleg
Modjo – Lady (Juke Nukem & Sideswipe Remix)
High Class Filter – Sweet Dreams
Los – Ooh Ooh Ooh
Host – Overnight Dubz


A local lad without the local accent

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