MODU:LAR (January ’19)

Brennan & Ramsay


MODU:LAR is an electronic music event for friends and like-minded people founded back in 2014. Each month join one of the UK’s best minimal techno parties on Melodic Distraction Radio. 

Over the past four years, the Liverpool-based party has held in excess of 30 dates, playing host to a huge array of visiting artists, many being debut performances in the city.

Alongside a team of core residents pushing quality house, minimal and techno music – the brand has garnered a loyal following and attracts people into the city from across the country. The focus has and will always be on creating the ultimate musical experience. Clubbers can expect top-level sound design, visual production and music from established greats and future heroes of the scene – helping to put Liverpool on the map as a destination for avid fans of deep, grooving music.

This month, we’ve got Brennan & Ramsay, residents of the MODU:LAR party, in the booth for two hours of minimal techno. Announcement of their next party coming on Monday!

|| MODU:LAR ||

Barac – Tuset La Doi
Aardal – The Unknown
Cabanne – Fraisheur
Hons – Sun Is Meling My Records
Nektar Agu – Moment Alone
Dieru – Secrets Inside Her
Tagir – Break
Triptil – Basicc
Telum – 003
Dragomir – Mutual (Cristi Cons)
Nektar Agu – S2179
Dub Taylor – Figure 2
Floating Points – Sparkling (Traumer)
Dubtil – Indoeia
Aardal – Urban Frequencies
Sepp – Cantor Du Salon
Romar – Lost Paradise
So Ingawa – Scan Runner
Cerec – Maneres
Botanic Minds – Unknown
Lazare Hoche – Oms


minimal, micro, telescopic house and techno

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