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Mxsticate (August ’19)

Alec Tronik


Mxsticate – Something to chew on.  Alec Tronik’s new show for international queers, showcasing the global underground.

Purveyor of ‘cunty beats’, bass and rave culture, prepare to dance fast and hard with Alec Tronik. Associated with the C4E and 24 Kitchen Street crewdem, he has supported the likes of SOPHIE and Princess Nokia to name a couple. His influences come from all abstract point of the musical universe, including rave culture, 80s goth & post-punk, hip-hop, trance and ballroom culture. A show with no genre and no pretence – just music to make you move.

This month Alec Tronik returns with a power hour of the usual tasteful slammers.


Sunday School – House Is A Feeling
Jimi Polo – Better Days (Sasha Remx)
Mixmasters – In The Mix
Aly-us – Follow Me
Aly-Us – Follow Me (BOT REWORK)
DJ Delish – BB feat Tabu
Queston?marc – Elevator
Playplay – Witchcraft (feat. Bored Lord)
Doctor Jeep – Devil Rhythm
Pixelord – Fresh soft 3500 (feat .i61)
Megan Thee Stallion – Pimpin
Hi$to – Go
DJ Ross – Electro Native ( Panteros Edit 134)
Digital Boy – This Is Muthafucker!
Cybersonik – Technarchy
Ace Of Space – Nine Is A Classic
Jks – Rock The House
Ca$H Bandicoot – Planet Freak
Wristboi – Jigglin
El Blanco Nino – Fantasytest
Big Momma – Praying Mantis
Cakes Da Killa – Luv Me Knots
Englasia – Erotic


Frenetic beats to move your feet

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