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MXSTICATE (February ’20)

Alec Tronik


Mxsticate – Something to chew on.  Alec Tronik’s new show for international queers, showcasing the global underground.

Purveyor of ‘cunty beats’, bass and rave culture, prepare to dance fast and hard with Alec Tronik. Associated with the C4E and 24 Kitchen Street crewdem, he has supported the likes of SOPHIE and Princess Nokia to name a couple. His influences come from all abstract point of the musical universe, including rave culture, 80s goth & post-punk, hip-hop, trance and ballroom culture. A show with no genre and no pretence – just music to make you move.

Alec Tronik goes IN this month with some rave and trance.


Quest?onmarc – Ephemera
Bbymutha – Blood Moon, Glamour spell
Zebrakatz – ISH
Schwefeleglb – Die Augen Gehen
Feelion – My Man ( Minimal Violence Remix)
Bored Lord – Deeply In Love
Ase Manual – Body Drop (Byrell The Great Remix)
Vjuan Allure – Rekord Rewind (Dj Javascript Remix)
Nakamura Minami – Kokodoko
Mike Q – D.A.R.L.I.N.G (feat DJ Diz)
DJ Delish – Chop Autopsy
Ase Manual – Toxic Ass
DJ Difficult – Big Booty (Feat. Trxll Trxzzy)
Anonymous Flex
DavoMakesbeats – Third Times a Charm
DJ Swisha – Anna & Her Toms
Ducky – Rave Tool 25
Joseph Marinetti – Shape a New World Around You
El Blanco Nino – Game and Watch
T99 – Anasthasia (Jacidorex Remix)
Airod – Burn Injury
JKS – Firedance
Trym – The Summer of Rave 1989


Frenetic beats to move your feet

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