Mxsticate (September ’19)

Alec Tronik


Mxsticate – Something to chew on.  Alec Tronik’s new show for international queers, showcasing the global underground.

Purveyor of ‘cunty beats’, bass and rave culture, prepare to dance fast and hard with Alec Tronik. Associated with the C4E and 24 Kitchen Street crewdem, he has supported the likes of SOPHIE and Princess Nokia to name a couple. His influences come from all abstract point of the musical universe, including rave culture, 80s goth & post-punk, hip-hop, trance and ballroom culture. A show with no genre and no pretence – just music to make you move.

This month Alec Tronik returns with a power hour of the usual tasteful slammers.


Fka Twigs – Holy Terrain (feat. Future)
Wrack – Tres Mil
Neana – The Tippy Top
Sante Muerte – Cuz Of Us (Instrumental)
Boy Harsher – Send Me A Vision
Kontravoid – Turn Away
Catnapp & Modeselektor – The Mover (Hd Mirror Remix)
Louisahh! – Feral Rhythm (Maelstrom Remix)
Jensen Interceptor – Xl
Leonce – Penetration Testing
Loffe Ninja – The Ha Number 2
Kevin Aviance – Din da da (Jaymie Silk Edition)
Kingdom – Azuza
Bored Lord. – Duality
Headstone & Metadata – Mothership
Armand Van Helden – Playmate
Ratio – Summer Of Love (Mani Festo Remix)
Lsdxoxo – Women Eat Their Men
Louis Me – No Se Tu
Xiorro – The Blank Ranger
Marusha – Deep
Famitsu – XTC


Frenetic beats to move your feet

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