Nostromo (May ’19)

Joe Fearon


The year is 2122, The USCSS Nostromo has picked up a distress signal from the uncharted planet LV426…

Upon investigating, executive Officer Kane is impregnated by a parasitic life form discovered within an ancient derelict space craft.

Kane is taken back to the Nostromo for medical treatment, but within 20 hours, during the crew’s pre-hypersleep meal, the creature within him bursts violently out of his chest.

The newly born alien slowly surveys the room only pausing when it spots the crew’s record collection neatly organised in the corner, as the horrified crew members look on.

Spotting an opportunity, ship commander Dallas wheels out a futuristic sound system and begins to peruse the records as the now quizzical alien looks on with interest. Dallas’ hand reaches for the play button as the alien nods in approval.

This is the soundtrack to that night…



Esg – Pure Physical
Mr Oizo – No Day Massacre
Com Truise – Vhs Sex
Thomas Bamgalter- Night Beats
Sugarhill Gang – Space Race
Munich Machine – Party Light
Red Axes – Waiting For A Surprise
Harry Thuman – Sphinx
Roger Sanchez – Computabank
Fad Gadget – Love Parasite
Metro Area – Muira
Klein & Mbo – Dirty Talk
Ajello – Sabrer
Jonny Senders – Disco Touch
Peggy Gou – Gou Talk
Juan Maclean – Crush The Liberation
DFA – Sister Saviour
Dance Reaction – Disco Train
Zazu Andromeda – Marguerita
Casco – Cybernetic Lover
Chemical Plant
Hypnotic Dance
Fallout – The Morning After
Sfire – Sfire (John Talabot Remix)
Dream 17 – Dream 17
Adonis – No Way Back
Factory Floor – Dial Me In


Great music, even better patter from a local hero

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