Outer Banks (January ’18)

Al English


Al English is a DJ, musician & record collector based in Liverpool and we’re delighted that he joins for a new monthly show on Melodic Distraction, entitled Outer Banks.

You can expect his monthly shows to feature Swedish progg, Polish jazz, German kosmische, Spanish ambient, Italo disco, UK library music or none of the above. As artist manager for Mute Records, Al has his finger on the musical pulse, unearthing and helping new and emerging artists.

His show will feature all sorts of moods and tempos, acquired whilst digging in flea markets and record stores the world over. This month, Al shows us some lost gems discovered in the forgotten record shops of rural New Zealand.



Robert Ashley – The Park
Tarotplane – Polaroid Sunset (excerpt)
Dean McPhee – Rule of Threes
Popol Vuh – Garten Der Gemeinschaft
Rachel’s – Moscow Is In The Telephone / Water From The Same Source
Ill Considered – Opener (Live At The Crypt)
Muñoz – Blessings
Kim Kristensen – Himmel Af Vin
Yama & Jiro’s Wave – I Love You Porgy
Interior – Flamengo
Joël Vandroogenbroeck – Forest Spirit
Junior Homrich With Brian Gascoigne – The Initiation Ceremony / The Trance Dance
Benjamin Lew & Steven Brown – Bamako Ou Ailleurs
Zawinul – The Great Empire
Les Vampyrettes ‎- Menetekel
Neutral – Du
Punctum – Glory Bitch
Virginia Astley – Arctic Death
Marie And The Atom – Isol
This Kind Of Punishment – What Can I Say?
Lol Coxhill & Morgan Fisher – Matt Finish
The Fall – Bill Is Dead

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