Outer Banks (March ’18)

Al English & Jack Bevan


Al English is a DJ, musician & record collector based in Liverpool and we’re delighted that he joins for a new monthly show on Melodic Distraction, entitled Outer Banks.

You can expect his monthly shows to feature Swedish progg, Polish jazz, German kosmische, Spanish ambient, Italo disco, UK library music or none of the above. As artist manager for Mute Records, Al has his finger on the musical pulse, unearthing and helping new and emerging artists.

His show will feature all sorts of moods and tempos, acquired whilst digging in flea markets and record stores the world over. This month, Al is joined by close friend Jack Bevan for an hour long Japanese-ambient guest mix. Jack is notably drummer for Foals and dug through some new finds exclusively for this show.



Park Jiha – Sounds Heard From The Moon (Tak:til, 2018)
Om Buschman – Ollos Rückkehr (High-Fine Music, 1988)
Aqueduct Ensemble – C. Backlit (Last Resort, 2018)
Yusef Lateef – The Plum Blossom (Moodsville, 1961)
Ill Considered – Nada Brahma (Ill Considered Music, 2018)
Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Arkestra – You Can Count On Me (Headspin, 2017)
Loren Connors – Pretty As Ever 2 (Recital, 2017)
Ignatz – I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost (Watchfoss, 2017)
Ulaan Passerine – The Landscape of Memory (Worstward, 2017)
Votu – Cannibals (YAYA, 1990)
Mark Lockett & Janet Sherbourne – All You Can Eat (Practical Music, 1986)
One Tongue – 1945 (YAYA, 1990)

Jack Bevan Mix
Kuniyuki Takahashi – Drawing Seeds
Susumu Yokota – Amanogawa
Yosi Horikawa – Interlude
Inoyama Land – Mizue
Sugai Ken – Wochikaeri to Uzume
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Zure (Cornelius Remix)
Eitetsu Hayashi – カラビンカ
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Tokyo Bay Area
Yas-Kaz – Jungle Book
Satoshi & Makoto – Bamboo Grove
細野晴臣 – Muji Original Background Music

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