Outhouse Sounds (April ’19)

Outhouse Sounds Residents & Nicander Hifi


Joining the Melodic Distraction Radio roster, Outhouse Sounds are a multi-genre DJ duo spanning all forms of bass music from garage and dubstep through to jungle and DnB.

They’ve supported artists such as Coki and Benny L, alongside up coming sets supporting Mungo’s HiFi and Tunnidge.

This month they return to the helm of the studio to bring some pounding beats!




The Widdler – The Bride
Unknown – Void V1
Ourman – Kreep
TMSV – Badman
TMSV – Funeral Bill
Mr K – Yout Man
Mystic State – Nines
Le Lion – Rise VIP
The Maker – Deadly Smile
Ceiva – Walk The Grape
Qant – Scuba Ops
Gru Var – Born Murderin’
Creeping Roots – Unknown
LJ – Spectre
JFO – Sunshine Dub
Ourman – Heliopolis
Chief Kaya – Unreleased
Headland – Young Blood
The Widdler – Ship Wrecked
Cartridge – Trippy Mane
Fat Freddys Drop – Cays Crays (Dmz Remix)
Unknown – Sleight Of Hand
The Widdler – World A Bootleg
Maw – Beyond Saturn
Dub Ape – The Crow
Breakage – Justified
Ourman – Rigging
Sub Reachers – The Creator
D Double E – Back Then
Sbtkrt – Wildfire
Kali – Breeze
K-man – Bass Waves
Glume – Hatchet
Saule – Cure Dem
J:Kenzo – Kingston Hot
Tunnidge – Dark Skies
Mala – Changes (Distance Remix)
Nova – Winter Memory
Bukez Finezt – Headache Vip
Radikal Guru – Dread Commandment
Makak – Makak Riddim (Rethink Remix)
Aztek – Planet Karavan
Unknown – Air Cutter
Biseweed- Profound
Wed Dem A Do (Coki Remix)
Bun Zero – Rock Da Dub
Sub Reachers
Hebbe – Mad Hatter (Headland Remix)
Distinct Motive – Frequency Shock
Dj Madd – Difference (J-kenzo Remix)
Radikal Guru – Dub Down Babylon
Goth Trad – Born To Know

Outhouse Sounds

Pushing 140-170 sounds in the North West

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