Outhouse Sounds (December ’18)

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Joining the Melodic Distraction Radio roster, Outhouse Sounds are a multi-genre DJ duo spanning all forms of bass music from garage and dubstep through to jungle and DnB.

They’ve supported artists such as Coki and Benny L, alongside up coming sets supporting Mungo’s HiFi and Tunnidge.

This month they jump into some reggae, techno and grime classics.

|| Outhouse Sounds ||




Etch – Toxin
Kahn And Neek – Backchat
K-Lone – Calabria
Cliques – Chro
Ramadanman – Grab Somebody
Flako – Lyrebird
Benny Ill – Highland Spring
Truth – Devil’s Game
Sounds – Moroccan Sunset
Piezo – Sweat
Martyn – Broken
Peverelist – Yesterday I Saw The Future
Akkord – Rcvr
Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker (Minor Science Remix)
Stray – Eazy Boy
DBridge Interpretation – Scorched Earth
Overmono – III’s Front
Fjaak – Unten
Pangaea – Bone sucka
DJ Deep – Stressed
Fantasia – Synthaesesthia
Carl Finlow – Hashtag (Radioactive Man Remix)
Radioactive Man – Bonnet Bee
Dexter – Fat Skinny Bonus
La-4a – Snake Eyes
Objekt – Porcupine
Airhead – Droplit
Sovereign – Juice

Outhouse Sounds

Pushing 140-170 sounds in the North West

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