Outhouse Sounds (March ’19)

Outhouse Sounds Residents


Joining the Melodic Distraction Radio roster, Outhouse Sounds are a multi-genre DJ duo spanning all forms of bass music from garage and dubstep through to jungle and DnB.

They’ve supported artists such as Coki and Benny L, alongside up coming sets supporting Mungo’s HiFi and Tunnidge.

This month they return to the helm of the studio to bring some pounding beats!




The Scientist – The Bee
Carl Cox – I Want You
Benton – Koolest Gang
Benton – Brian
Borai – The Seeker
The House Crew – Euphoria
Sl2 –
Dillinja – The Angels Fell
Wicked Wicked
Doct Scott – Drumz 95

M-beat – Just A Little (Mellow Mix)
Ronnie Size – All The Crew Big Up (Vip)
Dj Vibes – Above The Clouds
Coco Bryce – Summer Daze
M-beat – Hardcore Romance
? – Only You
Coco Bryce – Lovin U
Nookie – You’ve Got To Slow Down
Studio Pressure – Water Margin
Studio Pressure – Fusion
Shy Fx – This Style
Nookie – Deep Love
Ocean Inside – Sunset Shadows
Sully – We’re Her
L-major – Brainstorm

Coco Bryce – Gunna
Coco Bryce – The Mother Goddess
Earl Grey – Without Purpose
Romero – Floral (Earl Grey Remix)
Vocoda – 95 Junglist
Vocoda – Junglist Sound 96
Vocoda – Ja Know Ya Pull Gats (Live Breakbeat Edit)
Sully – Run
Vocoda – Saturn (97 Rollers Mix)
Kid Lib – Dappa Love
Vocoda – Blue (Fast Mix)
Law & Kola Nut – Analyse
Vocoda – The Heist (Saturation Mix)
Marvin Blue – Dreamtime
Marvin Blue – Move To The Music

Outhouse Sounds

Pushing 140-170 sounds in the North West

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