Popular Electronics (November ’19)

Bernie Connor


Bernie’s is a broad and fascinating story with many twists, turns and sine modulations, and he’s inviting you along for the ride.

In the middle of the 20th century, experimentalists cast aside conventional instruments and began to manipulate sound using electronic instruments and devices; a whole new universe of sound was discovered. As Bernie explains, there is a seamless line that runs from the tape manipulations of Karl Heinz Stockhausen right through to the acid noodling of DJ Pierre in 1980’s Chicago.

Mr Connor has been playing music out and about for almost four decades. It has taken him on a journey that has allowed him to absorb a wealth of musical knowledge and shows no signs of giving up.

This month, Bernie is back once again with the musical education. And boy does it sound good!


The Pop Group – We Are Time
Mikey Dread – World War III
Alexander Tucker – Cryonic
Sylvester – Over And Over
Alex Chilton – Free Again
Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light
Jonzun Crew – Pack Man (Look Out For The OVC)
Quiroga – Martinica Feelings
Led Zeppelin – Achilles Last Stand
James Brown – Hot (I Need To Be Love Love Loved)
The Utopia Strong – Moonchild
Santana – Soul Sacrifice (Live at Woodstock)
Cisco Cisco – If You Want Me (Jay Shepheard Mix)
Bill Fay – Garden Song
Ghost Funk Orchestra – A Song For Paul
Primal Scream – Funky Jam (Super Droog remix)

Popular Electronics

Local Legend, Bernie Connor invites you into his musical world

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