Prince Street Record Forum (December ’18)

Kelvin SM & Masatö Arai


An independent record seller housed right here in the Melodic Distraction studio.

Sourcing new electronic music that keeps pace with the outstanding development of our club scene in order to service a growing community of record collectors. Kelvin writes our New Wax column and works alongside us to co-organize The Independent Record Fair, our bi-monthly celebration of local and international record labels, streetwear and hearty Sunday roasts.

This month he’s taking a spin through all the gems that have just landed in the Prince Street boxes for sale, leaning on a gentle balearicy, jazzy tip that’s perfect for Sunday afternoons.

This month, Kelvin is joined by Masatö Arai who spins beautiful ambient and synth-boogie the first hour!


Mark Pollard – Quinque II [Bedroom Suck] O Yuki Conjugare – Anima
Yves tumor – Limerence
Andreas Vollenweider – Behind the Gardens – Behind the Wall – Under the Tree
Alex Kassian – Hidden Tropics Revisited
Aquarian Foundation – Mind Miniatures
Oren Ambarchi – Stacte
Morgan Caney & Kamal Joory – Darling
Kaoru Inoue – Wave Introduction
Palta & Ti – 12 O Dub
John Martyn – Please Fall In Love With Me
Von Haze – Solar
Hayes & Zeitgeist – Otway Chimes [Moonshoe Records] Mark Barrott – Keltner & Chalkin [International Feel] Mike Salta – Hey Moloko [Music For Dreams] Claude – Future (Duke Hugh Remix) [La Freund Recordings] George Ernest – Organ Evening of Calm [Pear] Pat Thomas – Enye Won (Edit) [Soundway Records] Dream 2 Science – My Love Turns To Liquid [Rush Hour] Madlaks – Jikovonunu (Young Marco Rework) [Safe Trip] Frazelle – Today Is The Day (Linkwood Edit) [Athens Of The North] Le Stim – A Tribute To Muhammad Ali (We Crown The King) [Melodies Int.] Pinty – Tropical Bleu [Rhythm Section Int.] 20 Below – Jus’ Nite Groovin’ [Rainy City Music] (reissue MCDE)
Dreamcast & Sasac – Liquid Deep [People Potential Unlimited]

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