The New Wave (January ’19)

Kelvin SM


An independent record seller housed right here in the Melodic Distraction studio.

Sourcing new electronic music that keeps pace with the outstanding development of our club scene in order to service a growing community of record collectors. Kelvin writes our New Wax column and works alongside us to co-organize The Independent Record Fair, our bi-monthly celebration of local and international record labels, streetwear and hearty Sunday roasts.

This month, Kelvin returns to the studio under a new alias: The New Wave and with him, he brings some lovely relaxing music to sooth your Sunday.



Night Communication – Nocturne Seduction (Safe Trip)
Härte 10 – Happy New Year (Music From Memory)
Mabuta – Log Out Shut Down (feat. Buddy Wells) (Afro Synth)
Meo – Chichita (Knekelhuis)
Karya – Muž Ze Skla (Smiling C)
Dreamscape – To Think We Just Met Yesterday (World Building)
Sha-Lor – I’m In Love (Caught Up Version) (Rush Hour)
Pumphouse Gang – Welcome Back To My Life (All City Records)
Bayete – Blue Monday (La Casa Tropical)
Those Nervous Animals – Hyperspace! (All City Records)
Hot Slot Machine – Rhythm (Young Marco Fix) (Safe Trip)
Leo Anibaldi – Elements (Safe Trip)
Jon Dasilva feat. Donald Waugh – Love Is All We Need (Hour House Is Your Rush)
Dream 2 Science – Breathe Deep (Rush Hour)
Q-Base – Il Sole (The Sun) (Deep Mix) (Safe Trip)
Bandaid – A Tour In Italy (Mediterranean Version) (Best Record Italy)
Jacy – Resounding Seashell (Safe Trip)
Helium Robots – Untried (Running Back)
Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm (Ambient Mix) (Safe Trip)
Charisma feat. Brenda Watts – Love Treatment (Uptown Mix) (Omaggio)
Kyle Hall – No More Moon (Wild Oats)
Sir E.U – Brand New Bag (Future Times)
Soliloquy – Living In The World (Unknown)

The New Wave

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