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The Ranga crew are live on the Melodic Distraction airwaves for a show filled with fun beats and spiritual selections.

Artist Ol’/Ranga of the late Wide Open & Reeds parties (RIP) holds the torch for a unique style and sound, featuring original productions, edits and those funny people that remain close to the cause of WIDE OPEN REAL LIQUID DANCE. Keep an eye out for Ranga’s 4-track EP ‘Kong’, landing at the end of February on Third Place Records.

Bliss out with two hours of meditative and percussive from ranga. What’s more is, it’s all original material!

|| RANGA ||

Ranga – Halo 2
Ranga – Cape Max
Ranga – Tavener’s Caddy
Ranga – Lark Ascendin
Ranga – Conga Fill
Ranga- Simplz (ft Chiba)
Ranga – yo
Not Alone – Oscar
Ranga – Awh
Rana – u broke my yo
Ranga – Wind
Ranga – No Guilded Lillys
Ranga – Rice
Ranga – Tik
Ranga – – Blue Planet
Ranga – Dog’s tong
Ranga – P8D


Fun beats and spiritual selections

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