Refreshments (January ’19)

Matt From Dell & Coohulin (Italo Special)


Sip on the selections of two local heroes.

Matt From Dell and Coohulin coming through with their first instalment of Refreshments, taking up their new residency the first Friday night of the month.

Each month the lads will be bringing you some of their favourite dance tracks from across the decades with some nugs of knowledge, dodgy chat and history to match. From month to month they’ll be sharing labels and sounds that have had an impact on modern day dance music from House to Italo to Tibetan throat singing.

This month the duo present us with an Italo special –  a 2 hour tour of the finest italo house and disco!



Ricardo Cioni – Fog
Nord Est – Overnight
Pat And Pats – Tobago
Bellview – My Love
Rose – Magic Carrilon
Kasso – Walkman
Aqua Re – Holy Dance (First Mix)
Ss – Beat Melody
Lama – Love On The Rocks
Expansives – Life With You
Supercharge – I Think I’m Going To Fall In Love
Clio – Faces
Plustwo – Melody
Kraftwerk – Tour De France (Francois Kevorkian Mix)
Jacy – Trax
Illusion – Optic
The Arc – Something Wonderful
Don Pablos Animals – Paranoia
Montego Bay – Same Old Sound (S-tone Mix)
Soft House Company – What You Need
R.T.F.R – Extrasyn (Techno Mix)
Francesco Zappala – We Gotta Do It
Klapto – Mister Game
Pop Cycles – Popcorn
Sylvester – Do You Wanna Funk


Matt From Dell & Coohulin

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