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Roadside Picnic (April ’19)

Nomadic & Deburgh


In a dystopian world, the local populations are left to face the aftermath of an extraterrestrial event. With no witnesses of the Visitors, all that is left behind are strange and dangerous phenomena with supernatural properties not understood by humans.

This is the plot for the 1970s science fiction novel Roadside Picnic – and also the name of Nomadic and Deburgh’s brand new radio show. They felt the narrative of the story reflects the weirder and more varied sounds they’re pushing recently.

Join hosts Nomadic and Deburgh on a 2 hour voyage into the electronic unknown. Expect an eclectic mix of warped and contorted sounds throughout.



Logos – The Arrival (T2 Mix)
The Duo – Lewd Strewd Truth
Black Zone Myth Chant – High Til You Die
Annie Anxiety – Sad Shadows
Les Gracias – Low Doses
CVX – Moses
John T Gast – Unknown
Grrr! – DHB + 1
Big Flyte/Velkro- Aerosol Riddim
Ieuke – Tape 2.5
No Face – 1M
Philipp Otterbach – The Roamer Pt. 1
Tom Boogizm – Punishing
Equicknoxx Music – Your Ears Are Not Very Small
Turinn – ehektrow
Kinlaw & Franco Franco – Fat Come
Amnesia Scanner & Bill Koulgias – Lexachast II


Silk Road Assassins – Citadel VI
Jak3 & Trashman – Fake ft. Moistbread
Ocarina Of Time – Inside The Deku Tree
Jabes – Unknown
Chekov – First Thought
Robert Lippok – Varieties Of Impact
Garum – Metal Mouth Mob
MC Holocaust – Strike Out Edit
Belief Defect – Deliverance (Telefon Tel Aviv Dub)
Hypnobirds – Distant Cultures
Equiknoxx – Plantain Porridge
Jimmy Edgar – I Wanna Be Your STD
DJ Stingray – Wire Act
Aleksi Perala – Teardrops
Mr Incognito – Automatik Stufe
2 Bad Mice – Gone Too Soon (Sully Remix)
Source Direct – Different Groove

Roadside Picnic

Warped And Eclectic Electronics

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