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Roadside Picnic (July ’19)

Nomadic & Deburgh


In a dystopian world, the local populations are left to face the aftermath of an extraterrestrial event. With no witnesses of the Visitors, all that is left behind are strange and dangerous phenomena with supernatural properties not understood by humans.

This is the plot for the 1970s science fiction novel Roadside Picnic – and also the name of Nomadic and Deburgh’s brand new radio show. They felt the narrative of the story reflects the weirder and more varied sounds they’re pushing recently.

The delightful duo return on top form with some dreamy soundtrack slices and biscuity breaks.


Helm – Chemical Flowers
Pataphysical –
Andy Mac – Dawner
Adrian Sherwood – Two Semitones And A Raver
Lowjack – More Speed
Shamos – 7 Man Town
Karen Gwyer – Ian On Fire
Hoshino Aniversary – Arazaramu
Balaban – Takarini
Krikor – Paula Abdul
Szare – Drop Shadow
Howes – Untitled B
Tapan – The City
Lowjack – Shell
Bass Clef – Press F5 For Home
Disrupt – Dropping Core

Kenji Yamamoto – Tourian
Kenji Yamamoto – Opening
Proc Fiskal – Restart
Edson Natale – Nina Maika
Kenji Kawai – Detectives
Peder Mannerfelt – Belgian Blues (Black Midi Mix)
96 Back – Untitled 384
Pugilist – Encrypted
Yak – Termina
Mani Festo – Hold The Line
96 Back – Tethered Int Hiss
Phillip D Kick – In Formation
Total Science – Forcefield
Stenny – How The Story Ends
Paul Blackford – The Bunker
Air Max 97 – Turgor
Sully – Qualia
Trendphazr – Voice Message

Roadside Picnic

Warped And Eclectic Electronics

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