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Roadside Picnic (November ’20)

Nomadic & Deburgh

In a dystopian world, the local populations are left to face the aftermath of an extraterrestrial event. With no witnesses of the Visitors, all that is left behind are strange and dangerous phenomena with supernatural properties not understood by humans.

This is the plot for the 1970s science fiction novel Roadside Picnic – and also the name of Nomadic and Deburgh’s brand new radio show. They felt the narrative of the story reflects the weirder and more varied sounds they’re pushing recently.



Simo Cell & Abdullah Minaiwy – Sama (Learning How To Fly)
Nick Malkin – Perfect Terminal
VMO$ & Boofy – Close
Bass Clef – Some Spells You Can Only Cast Once
Lvcchesi – Kingstone
Kool Keith – Diamond District
Om Units meets SKRS – Krnch
Afrikan Sciences – New Morning
Dj Lycox – Jam
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Cocha
Kouslin – Turbo
Yokel – Bonfire Night
Mark Pritchard – LFO Special
G Sudden – Kno Whe U A Do
Kelman Duran – ????
O.G.Jigg – The Fool (Grim Lusk Remix)
Gamayun – Kapel
Basses Terres – As Serious As Your Life (feat. Brandii Jaidra)
Anthony Bernado – Barra
The Prince Stoner – POI.NTS
Clipping – Enlacing
Leo – Integrity Failure
African Ghost Valley – THECTUARY
Dog Lake – 1911cut

Roadside Picnic

Warped And Eclectic Electronics

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