SEVEN Radio (May ’19)

Andrew PM Hunt


Host Andrew PM Hunt guides listeners through a world of music and discussion that links culture with an electronic, international post-rave world. The monthly show features great music from across the global worlds of electronica, downbeat techno and soulful neo-jazz, with regular guests joining in the conversation, focusing on the places where subcultures and music intersect.

SEVEN Radio is the audio arm of SEVENSTORE, a groundbreaking new space coming to the Baltic Triangle. Inspired by Liverpool’s history of commerce – the seven streets that were the backbone of one of the world’s most industrious cities – we challenge perspectives, curating culture for the new era. It’s community, technology and expression; SEVENSTORE connects people to these ideas.

This month, Andrew PM Hunt takes us through a tour of some his record collection, with favourites new and old. Catch him playing at SEVEN store’s event for LightNight, this weekend.


Oren Ambarchi- Palm Sugar Candy
Davy Kehoe- Storm Desmond
Valentina Magaletti- Valentina Plays The Batterie Fragile
Qazim Naqvi- No Tongue
Tromnheim Emp- Rapid Response Unit
Nuno Canavarro- Side B Track 1
William Fields- Ectomorph
Mana- Choking Ft Yendry
Aoki Takamasa- Hope
Tim Hecker-is But A Simulated Blur
Park Jiha- Arrival
Caboladies- Collectors
Tiziano Popoli And Marco Dalpane- The Tower
Sugai Ken- Doujiri
Etelin- Vixen
Joel Chadabe- Songs Without Voices
Paul Demarinis- Kokole
Michael Brook- Mimosa
Ex Easter Island Head- Music For Moai Hava (Excerpt)
Alexandra Spence- Bodyscan
Jan Van Der Brouek- White Bird
Kapsi & Stride- Dwell Time
Ben Vince- Tower Of Cells
Ipek Gorgun- Neroli
Naffi- Morrocan Roll


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