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Sounds Like Mo (December ’20)

JB Dubz special

A local lad without the local accent. Our good friend MO returns to the motherland for a monthly show!

A self-professed ‘general radio guy’ with regular shows on REPREZENT and Flaix FM, MO also lurks behind the scenes at the Beeb and provides funny anecdotes in between Channel 4 shows.

He’s back for a regular slot of anything and everything 160 – be it jungle, footwork or even quirky pop edits – if the BPM is more that 159 but less than 161, you’ll hear it here.

|| MO ||

DJ Earl – JBW
Loudpakk – I Be On That
Surly – Our Love
Traxman x DJ Rome (Feat. Rashad) – Who’s #1
Scatta x Kush Jones – Caint Git
AMEN the Producer – Take Ya Time Yung Man
Footmerc – Love Knockout
Blanco – Icy Werk
INVT – Pop It Slow
Anna Morgan – Mi Gyal Dem
DJ Manny – Where You Been
ERIC UH – Silver
Neuropunk – Gangs of LA
OSSX – No Manches
Sun People – Inside
Sonic D – My Groove
Teddman – Highway
Los x Swisha – 2 Da Wall

Sounds Like Mo

A local lad without the local accent

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