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Sounds Like Mo (January ’21)

Melodic Distraction Radio

A local lad without the local accent. Our good friend MO returns to the motherland for a monthly show!

A self-professed ‘general radio guy’ with regular shows on REPREZENT and Flaix FM, MO also lurks behind the scenes at the Beeb and provides funny anecdotes in between Channel 4 shows.

He’s back for a regular slot of anything and everything 160 – be it jungle, footwork or even quirky pop edits – if the BPM is more that 159 but less than 161, you’ll hear it here.

Join Mo as he kicks off the new year with a bang! Featuring the usual bouncy beats, a positive attitude and a nod towards some early 00s sitcom boxsets…

|| MO ||

THC – Lonesome
Ray Kandinski – Sunrise
RP Boo – U-Don’t No
Flex Blur – Akadaemia
Bastiengoat – Biyum
Regal86 – Wanna Smoke
Jana Rush – Fluidity
Carpainter VS Oyubi – Andes Mood
Jadakiss – We Gonna Make It (ft. Styles of the Lox)
Budgie – In Love & War
FFF – Our Planet
Tim Reaper – Cityscapes
DJ Rashad – Double Cup ft. DJ Spinn
Fiesta Soundsystem – CY Ruins
Goldie – You & Me

Sounds Like Mo

A local lad without the local accent

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