Spektrum (January ’19)

Josie & Dalema


Spektrum is a collective effort by Liverpool students, from two of the universities, to bring more drum and bass to the city.

The general aim of Spektrum is to explore and present all areas of drum and bass. Though run by students, the party is open to all drum and bass heads. The genre itself has built a strong reputation and history, which this show looks to highlight; no egos, with an open mind and quality DJs.

This month Josie & Dalema throw it down for two hours of strictly DNB and liquid vibes.




S.P.Y – Midnight Blue
Glxy & Drs – Rain Dance
Calibre & Jet Li – Push It Through
Need For Mirrors & Phil Tangent – Candelabra
Alix Perez – Had I Known
Halogenix & Hydro -trieste
Kasra – From The Outside In
Spectrasoul – Untitled Horn
Jubei & Tyrone – The Saboteur
Alibi & Riya – Make It Real
Philth& Bredren – Butterfunk
Dabs & Mc Kwality – Skull & Bones
Alibi – Scuffed
Ed:It – Cargo Dub (Total Science Remix)
Document One – Cosmic Funk
Ant Tc1, Dlr, Mako, Villem – Hungry For Atmosphere
Villem – Say Yes
Need For Mirrors – Tresor
Satl & Lips – Everything To Me


High energy DnB rollers, jump up and jungle

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