SPINE (January ’19)

Chris Connor & Ben Ford


We are delighted to welcome Chrissy Connor and Ben Ford into the studio for their first ever show.

SPINE is a Liverpool-based event showcasing new experimental music including noise, industrial, drone and ambient music. You may experience a blast of post-punk and power-violence in there too.

For their pilot, expect to hear the above genres with some power electronics thrown into the mix. If you dig it, be sure to attend their next event featuring Soft Issues, Lonesaw and more at Drop The Dumbulls, 25th January.  

|| SPINE #7 ||


Insular – Operant
Damien Dubrovnik – Penis Corset
Mica Levi – Andrew Void
Melux & John Wiese – Exoteric/1
Dedekind Cut – Maxine
Basic Switches/Territorial Gobbing – ‘SPeshiAllittlegUy’ remix
Jezebel – THRONE
Prison Behaviour – Ronnie
Soft Issues – BDC
Soft Issues – Degloving
Alberich – Psychology of Love
Concrete Fence – Industrial Disease
Dreamcrusher – PSA

The Honey Pot

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