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SPINE (June ’20)

Chrissy Connor


We are delighted to welcome Chrissy Connor and Ben Ford into the studio for their monthly radio show.

SPINE is a Liverpool-based event showcasing new experimental music including noise, industrial, drone and ambient music. You may experience a blast of post-punk and power-violence in there too.

For their pilot, expect to hear the above genres with some power electronics thrown into the mix. If you dig it, be sure to keep an eye on their events listed on Facebook, these guys are keeping active!

Featured in this month’s show are some tracks from naive Records No Justice No Peace compilation on Bandcamp, that is donating all money made to anti- racist organisations.


YSIWTOO – White Noise/Prisonic Fairytale
x T.Mikawa & John Wiesse – SP1520
Yves Tumor – Economy of Freedom
Grauzone – In der Nacht
Marcos Cabral – Virginia
Arca – Non Binary
Millia Rage & Purelink- Panther Spiritual
Samantha Vaction – Samantha’s Vacation
PURGIST – Neon Flare
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Water Copy
Yves Tumor – Licking an Orchid
Operating Theatre – Blue Light & Alpha Wave
NAH – “nice” place to live
Daddybear- Pillow Biter (feat. grabyourface)
Death Grips – I’ve seen footage
Aaron Dilloway – Flesh Falls Away


Get Experimental with SPINE

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