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SPINE (September ’20)

Chrissy Connor


We are delighted to welcome Chrissy Connor and Ben Ford into the studio for their monthly radio show.

SPINE is a Liverpool-based event showcasing new experimental music including noise, industrial, drone and ambient music. You may experience a blast of post-punk and power-violence in there too.

Expect to hear the above genres with some power electronics thrown into the mix. If you dig it, be sure to keep an eye on their events listed on Facebook, these guys are keeping active!

This month Chrissy returns to the studio with a USB full of noise, featuring a sprinkle of eighties-esque and choral sounds.

|| SPINE ||

Dreamcrusher – Cobol
Lonesaw – Yet I Am
An+ I & Unhuman – Cannibals
Svengalisghost – High Heel Sleaze
Fecal Love – Drinking Gallons Of Sweat
Arca – Mequetrefe
Phew – The Void
Robert Curgenven – Isole: Allargando
Lingua Ignota – O Ruthless Great Divine Director
The Caretaker – A Relationship With The Sublime
Swans – All Lined Up
Leya – Abba
Crack Cloud – Something’s Gotta Give
Molchat Doma – Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath Cover)
Leah P – Slogger
Lonesaw – Man In A Burning World


Get Experimental with SPINE

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