Synthetic Noise (July ’19)

Stefanie Chew


Stefanie Chew is a music producer and DJ based in Manchester.

With a passion for electronic music, she founded Synthetic Noise, an online platform created to showcase upcoming electronic acts from the North West.

Having moved from Liverpool to Manchester last year for a music teaching job, Stef became increasingly aware of the struggle young, talented artists/DJs face when trying to get their music heard. Alas, Synthetic Noise was born at the start of 2019, with the aim to share music from artists pushing the boundaries of electronic music through mixes, events, interviews and more.

Stef has already interviewed and published mixes from Manchester-based Devastia, Industries, Kieran Mahon and our very own Liverpool lad Isocore. It feels like Synthetic Noise addresses many issues that we, as DJs and producers, face ourselves but haven’t voiced yet. Stef has created a safe space which supports that – we’re extremely excited to see how it develops and to have her in our studio! Expect an eclectic mix of techno, acid and experimental finds.


Gamma Intel – Without Reason
Rex The Dog – Elektromekanik
Pinkman – Body Map
Posthuman – Wake Up (Acid Mix)
Stefanie Chew – Eyes On Fire
Antonio – Spastic Motions
Lbeeze – Flip
? – Playing With Fire
Djedjotronic – Abyssal Zone
Principles of Geometry Carbon Cowboy
Dreams Cutting Teeth – ?
Ballad002 – ?
Maaenad Veyl – They Belonged With The Others
Luctmelod – Klepht
December – Sociability Is As Much A Law Of Nature
Tyu – Bailando (Bawrut Remix)
Lost Highway – Human Rhythm
The Soft Moon – Criminal (Shxcxcchcxsh Remix)

Synthetic Noise

Eclectic electronic from the North West

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