The Cherry Mango Show (January ’19)

Josh Cherry & Dr. Harvey


Joining us on the airwaves is Cherry Mango; locally grown good times from Josh Cherry and the crew. The recently established party hold down all your nutritional needs with great music and nice chat.

Indulging in hand-picked house and a helping of wholesome disco, Cherry Mango brings the good times to the MD air waves. No nonsense, no fuss, just a load of great music and a little bit of chat.

With a focus on intimate venues, Cherry Mango parties feature carefully selected guests alongside locally grown talent and a little something extra when it comes to decor, making each party unique.


John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13
God Father Don – Status
Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauder
Theo Parrisho – Moonlite
Baba – Stiltz – Dei 2
Codie Curry – Ace At The Point Of Collapse
Moscoman – Mexican Cola Bottle
Nickodemus – Invisible Cities
Spirit Level – Morske
Spirit Level – Axelotl
Lake Palmer – 1990 Edit
Omar S – Romancing The Stone
Bellaire – No More
Silktron- Jurgen Paape
Tech Support – Change
Cassio Kohl – Hear Me
Hawwis – Descarga
Pauleira Dos Panteras – Unknown Edit
Chris Simmonds – Earlier That Evening
Four Tet – Pinnacles

The Cherry Mango Show

Home grown good times from Josh Cherry & co

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