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The Path (June ’19)

Alex Spiers


Alex Spiers is an experienced DJ and non-musician originally hailing from Bellshill, Scotland.

After relocating to Liverpool in 2002, he co-founded the HIVE collective (2003-2015), a group of audio and visual artists that have been at the forefront of developing innovative electronic music and performance in the city.  Currently, he provides laptop texture and noise for Bonnacons of Doom.

We embark on The Path with him – an eclectic mix of soothing and unique sounds.

The KLF – Elvis On The Radio… Steel Guitar In My Soul (Klf Comm, 1990)
Cluster – Ho Remono (Sky Records, 1977)
Savath And Savalas – Transportation Theme (Warp, 2000)
John Beltran – Collage Of Dreams (Peacefrog, 1996)
XYR – Middle Of Nowhere (12th Isle, 2017)
Depeche Mode – Oberkorn (Development Mix) -8 (Mute, 1982)
Suicide – Cheree Remix (Blast First, 1978)
Edgar Froese – Panorphelia (Virgin, 1974)
Broadcast – Echoes Answer (Warp, 1999)
Philip Jeck – Live In Liverpool Track 2 (Touch, 2008)
Donnacha Costella – Enso (Ursa, 2016)
Mark Isham – On The Threshold Of Liberty (Windham Hill, 1984)
William Burroughs – Twilight’s Last Gleaming (Excerpt)
Arthur Russell – Sketch For Face Of Helen (Les Disques Du Crepsecule, 1981)
Gnod – The World Is Good (God Unknown, 2014)
Xtg – Desertshore (Industrial, 2014)
Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Telephone And Rubber Band (Editions Eg, 1981)
Marcia Blaine School For Girls – We (Static Caravan, 2002)
Coldcut – Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Mix) (Ninja Tune, 2001)
Robert Mellin Orchestra – Robinson Crusoe Theme Tune (Silva Screen, 1965)
The Grid – Floatation (Sonic Swing Mix) (WEA, 1990)
Skyray – Jet Stream Summer (Ochre, 1999)
Ultramarine – Pansy (Rough Trade, 1992)
A Reminiscient Drive – Sitting Quietly, Doing Nothing (FNAC, 1997)

The Path

An eclectic mix of electronic sounds

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