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Alex Spiers is an experienced DJ and non-musician originally hailing from Bellshill, Scotland.

After relocating to Liverpool in 2002, he co-founded the HIVE collective (2003-2015), a group of audio and visual artists that have been at the forefront of developing innovative electronic music and performance in the city. He is an original member of the psych noise collective Bonnacons of Doom and provided DJ support for a diverse range of artists like  Optimo, Ben Frost, Jah Wobble, Alva Noto, The Bug, Fennesz, David Holmes, Philip Jeck and many more. He has also played at venues and events across the UK such as Sub Club (Glasgow), The Kazimier and Tate Gallery for the Turner Prize in 2008. He is a keen participant in the arts and is a regular contributor to The Dark Outside, singing in Bill Drummond’s final The 17 choir as well as performing in the Speed of Light  for NVA. 

The Path is a guided tour through an eclectic mix of soothing and unique electronic sounds. Alex likes a good theme and occasionally invites special guests to share their knowledge and passion. A lover and collector of the black stuff, so expect hiss dirt and crackle to add to the soundscape. Ready for a walkabout?

This month Alex says goodbye to Jamaica Street with two hours of ambient, downtempo and field recordings.

Free Speech at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park (excerpt) (MFP, 1967)
Muscles of Joy – Water-Break-It’s-Neck (Watts of Goodwill, 2016)
Fridge – Cut up Pianoand Xylophone (Text, 2001)
Arthur Russell – Another Thought (Arc Light Edition, 2013)
Kettel – An Inky Moon (Dub, 2002)
Irresistible Force – Spiritual High ( Rising High, 1992)
Michael Mantra – Or For (Silentes, 2005)
Speedy J – Symmetry (Warp, 1994)
Biosphere – The Petrified Forest (Biophon, 2017)
Fenella – Bright Curse (Fire Records, 2019)
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Blink (Light in the Attic, 1982/2019)
Aphex Twin – April 14th (Warp, 2001)
ESB – X2 (Bureau B, 2015)
Sea Urchin – Mish Hata’ref Tesha (Bokeh Versions, 2019)
Jun Fukamachi – Breathing New Life (Light in the Attic, 1986/2019)
Reload – the Bioshphere (Global Communication mix) (Infonet, 1993)
Depeche Mode – Pimpff (Mute, 1987)
Carter Tutti – Coolicon (CTI, 2013)
Variant – Dreaming Thru Vector Part One (excerpt), (Echospace, 2014)
Rod Modell – Radio Fore (excerpt) (Weird Amplexus, 2017)
Kraftwerk – Endless Endless (Capitol, 1977)
Philip Jeck – Fanfares (Touch, 2008)
Tarwater – V-At (Kitty Yo, 1998)
Abfhart Hinwill – BumperStufe 2 (Toytronic, 1999)
Golden Teacher – The Kazimier (GTR, 2017)

The Path

An eclectic mix of electronic sounds

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