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The Reaction Hour (February ’21)

Tom Lythgoe

Introducing ‘The Reaction Hour’ – music to evoke reaction and energy from an audience.

Hosted by Radium Liverpool, the show is also inspired by the chemical/nuclear themes of their ethos. Residents of Radium will be behind the decks playing the oldest and boldest electronic music as well as the latest and greatest. Exploring all avenues of electronic music, they will also be bringing in some fantastic guests and occasionally go toe to toe with them. 

Tom Lythgoe is back behind the controls this month, with an hour of heaters guaranteed to get you stomping!

|| RADIUM ||


Buckfunk3000 – High Volume
Desert Sound Colony – ODA
BufoBufo – Two Minutes To Midnight
DOWD – One Way To Pressure Town (unreleased)
Pangea – Midnight Plane
Karenn – Kumquat
Onur Ozer – Winter Track
Pablo Gargano – Chemistry Of Soul
The Exaltics & Helena Hauff – Futuros
Illektrolab – Heavy Hitter
Industrial Bass Machine – Invisible Force
Alien Nation – Rain
Kay Cee – Escape 2 (classic club mix)
Plump DJs – Blackjack
DJ Icey – Wut Wut Wut
Paul Birken – Still Speakin’

The Reaction Hour

Music to evoke reaction and energy inspired by chemical & nuclear themes

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