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The Reaction Hour (October ’20)

Olly 151

Introducing ‘The Reaction Hour’ – music to evoke reaction and energy from an audience.

Hosted by Radium Liverpool, the show is also inspired by the chemical/nuclear themes of their ethos. Residents of Radium will be behind the decks playing the oldest and boldest electronic music as well as the latest and greatest. Exploring all avenues of electronic music, they will also be bringing in some fantastic guests and occasionally go toe to toe with them. 

For the second edition, Astral resident Olly 151 steps up to the plate with an impressive record collection spanning electro, garage and more!


|| RADIUM || OLLY 151 ||


M1- Electronic Funk – Kaje Remix
Fabrice Lig – Hmong Dignity (Dj Bone Remix)
Big Head – 2604
Electric Voodoo – Electric Voodub
Grand Nelson – Ethnicity (Dub)
187 Lockdown – Gunman
Blotnik Bros – Electro Manifesto
Cobert – Twisted Metal
Oscillate 004
Jack Michael – Badman Sound
Gypsy Woman Rave
Funk D’void V – Bet
Aloka – Enigma
2 Live Crew – 2 Live Party Dj Spin Remix

The Reaction Hour

Music to evoke reaction and energy inspired by chemical & nuclear themes

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