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Through The Celestial Curtain (February ’20)

Pierre Don't Care


What started off as a passionate conversation about Christopher Nolan films soon became ‘Through The Celestial Curtain’ with our dear friend Pierre Don’t Care.

Join him on a journey and delve deeper as he travels through the celestial curtain and embraces fantasy, action, romance and drama. This hour-long pilgrimage will be dedicated to all that is good and holy in the land of film, TV and game soundtracks, with each month housing a different theme from the genres.

This month, we’re jetsetting to the land of the rising sun for an all-Japanese Video Game OST special. From 8bit and chiptune rave all the way to huge orchestral soundtracks, it’s big drama the whole way. Buckle up! 


Mii Channel Theme – Insaneintherainmusic, Gabe Nekrutman
New Rally X Theme- Mormal Stage And Challenge
Tower Of Druaga – Original Soundtrack
Rhapsody Of The Forsake – Castelvania Soundtrack
Space Harrier Arcade Main Theme
Theme Of Isis Lagrange Point Ost – Lagrange Point
Ryu’s Theme – Street Fighter 2
Go Straight – Streets Of Rage
The Street Of Rage – Streets Of Rage
Ridge Racer – Rhytmn Shift
Soul Caliber 2 – Under The Star Of Destiny
One Winged Angel – Nobuo Uematsu
Luigi’s Mansion Theme – London Philharmonic Orchestra
Legend Of Zelda Suite – London Philharmonic Orchestra
Metal Gear Solid Sons Of Liberty Theme – Harry Gregson Williams
Liberi Fatali – Nobuo Uematsu
Monster Hunter World – Stars At Our Backs
Super Mario Galaxy – Gusty Garden London Philharmonic Orchestra
Raging Raven – Nobuko Toda
Victory – Pokemon Red Sounds
Hymns Of The Faith – Divine Worlds

Through the Celestial Curtain

Journey beyond the celestial curtain

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