Through The Celestial Curtain (March ’20)

Pierre Don't Care


What started off as a passionate conversation about Christopher Nolan films soon became ‘Through The Celestial Curtain’ with our dear friend Pierre Don’t Care.

Join him on a journey and delve deeper as he travels through the celestial curtain and embraces fantasy, action, romance and drama. This hour-long pilgrimage will be dedicated to all that is good and holy in the land of film, TV and game soundtracks, with each month housing a different theme from the genres.

This month, we’re blasting off into space (the final frontier), as Pierre has his very own Close Encounter[s] Of The Third Kind! Expect all things extraterrestrial… and some!


The tracklist was abducted by an unidentified flying object…

Through the Celestial Curtain

Journey beyond the celestial curtain

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