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To Dancefloor & Beyond (June ’20)

Hector Lee

Hector Lee, the one and only Scouse-Yorkshireman, brings To Dancefloor & Beyond to our airwaves.

Hector Lee aka Ry Spence is resident at Liverpool’s safe and inclusive club night Humble Abode, which showcases the best talent the scene has to offer. Expect Hector Lee to deliver all things wonky or weird, accompanied by some cosmic italo and groovy techno. Meanwhile staying true to a happy-go-lucky attitude, reflected in an abundance of feel-good selections.

With plenty of tie-dye shirts and head boppin’ curls, you’ll see Hector Lee as soon as you’ve heard him. He’s been floating around the music scene for a while now and is more than ready to launch himself into his own show. Listen out for regular reviews and recommendations of local artists and events, too.

Mark the second Friday of the month into your diary, ’cause you’re not going to want to miss Hector on the airwaves! This month Hector brings in the Friday night with a live stream from his lovely humble abode.


Das Komplex – XXX
Amarcord – The Universe Is Different
Invoker – Meet Me At The Escape Pod
Renato Cohen – Bismuth (Jennifer Cardini Remix)
Frangie – Opak Silence (Storken’s Snowroller Mix)
Alan Dixon – Motel 4000
Moon King – Free Time (Cooper Saver’s Mix)
Johannes Albert – Linn Dreams
Skatebard & Lauer – Fluto
Kendal – Intacto
Marlon Hoffstadt – To All Believers

To Dancefloor & Beyond

Tie-dye shirts and head boppin’ curls

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