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Transport For Lovers (November ’19)

Tom Lye


Transport For Lovers is an evocative and enthralling monthly journey on Melodic Distraction in which Tom Lye runs through emotionally driven tracks to leave you a little more grounded and hopeful for the future.

Previously, Tom held down a regular Sunday morning slot with his show Better Days. While that show has now been retired following a year of service, Transport For Lovers is a new opportunity to showcase powerful songwriting and productions that have connected with him recently. Alongside the track selections, Tom hosts conversation, debate and guest mixes with friends and artists on various political and creative topics as he looks to expose the escapism often seen in music with a clear positive space for learning, sharing and platforming innovative ideas.

This month, we’re back on that high emotion. Buckle up for driving chords.

Vangelis – Blade Runner Blues
Abul Mogard – I Watched The Sea, The Fields, The Sky
O Yuki Conjugate – Sunchemical
Alessandro Cortini – LET GO
Juan Ramos – Master Data Tribute (Ode To A City’s Industrial Past)
Ploy – Zoom
Immix Ensemble & VESSEL – What Hath God Wrought?
Violeta Vicci – Tuvan
Dip Friso – Blue Metal
Lapalux – Voltaic Acid
Special Request – Replicant (Nexus 7 VIP)
Sleep D – Jazz
Anadol – Ay Çürudü
Lotic – Solace
Croatian Amor – Towards Isa
Pangaea – High
Kenji Kawai – Making of a Cyborg
Holly Herndon – Frontier
Emily A Sprague – Synth 3
Moor Mother – The Myth Hold Weight
Decha – Voj a Ver
Carl Weingaten & Walter Whitney – Pipe Winds
Octo Octa – Loops for Healing
Mica Levi – Love
John Carpenter – Utopian Facade

Transport For Lovers

Evocative, emotional & enthralling.

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